What it is:

This lightweight leave-in spray conditioner is made for all hair types, no matter your curl pattern or whether you have a fine or thick texture. Natural hair clients and Professional Stylists have already made this a staple product. LOXXMist is an all natural, biodegradable leave in spray conditioner and it is perfect for you!

What it does:

LOXXMist provides the first layer of protection from external elements and heat all without buildup! It helps to even out and balance the moisture in your hair. Enriched with all natural ingredients: aloe, vitamin B5, amino acids. 

Personal Affects Formula Story:

This product aids in moisture and strength. Our hair is constantly exposed to wear and tear and often needs additional support. LOXXMist™ is formulated to give the proper moisture balance while strengthening. The ingredients are important. We have found over the years the importance of a lightweight formula without buildup. This delivers just that. 

Personal Affects Pro Stylist Tip:

After shampooing the hair, spray evenly over damp hair. May also be used as a daily conditioner to natural hair, including locks. Enjoy LOXXMist as a hair detangler or conditioner. It also makes a great companion when used with a holding spay for styling and updos. For best results, apply this using our Continuous Sprayer!

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Personal Affects LOXXMist™

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