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What is a Trichologist?

A thinning hair specialist. Studies and recommends treatmeant of para-medical basis. Often time partenering with a dermatologist and/or a medical doctor to get the best possible results if deamed necessary. The trichologist  servives the client by doing a in depth consultation of hair and health history making recommendation based on your personal needs. Treatment can be combination of salon and home compliance

Please contact me if you would like to order this service and I will confirm the availability in your area. 


Introducing XTC Hair Rejuvenation Systems:

(*Please note, to obtain products and pricing of XTC™ products, you may do so after a Trichology assessment. This is a company policy*.)


XTC™ Hair Rejuvenation Systems were developed by industry experts, as any easy, convenient, multi-step system to help eliminate the major cause of thinning hair, slows the progression of aging hair, proactively supports healthy hair growth, and rejuvenates hair damaged by excessive heat, harsh chemicals, tight braids, weaves and extensions.


Manufactured using only the highest quality ingredients, XTC’s healthy hair formulas are clinically proven safe and effective for men and women of all ethnicities and all hair types and Rated #1 by US Trichology Institute.


XTC™ Hair Rejuvenation Systems synergistically combine unique formulas for healthy hair and scalp. These simple, yet effective products are seamlessly integrated into anyone’s daily routine. Individually, they are concise and successful. However, when they are combined, they are the most effective hair rejuvenation solutions available.

XTC’s products address the hair’s nutritional needs by providing the highest level of hair nutrition; vitamins, minerals and amino acids specific to healthy hair growth and hair strengthening, and as well as a marine concentrate, they have been proven in 13 scientific studies to regrow hair.

XTC Hair Growth System™ encompasses natural DHT inhibitors containing the highest percentage of sterols known to combat DHT, which are used both orally and topically to address the major underlying causes of thinning/aging hair.


Hair Loss | Trichology Assessment*
15000 25000

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