What it is:

This all natural formula is a GAME CHANGER with aiding new loxx to settle in! The unique, innovative spray formula creates the perfect environment for your hair to settle-in avoiding frizz and with less slippage. There is no other daily hair spray that claims to do this!

What it Does:

When used properly, it helps the hair hold the loxx pattern through the settling phase faster than using typical pomades or styling gels. All natural formula. Contains marine botanicals. 

How to Use:

Shampoo using LOXXCleanse. Towel dry hair. Mist the hair just until damp with LOXXSet™. On days you do not shampoo your loxx, you can use this in place of daily mists and leave-in conditioners.

Continue use daily or only as needed.

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Personal Affects LOXXSet™

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