a ROXXLOXX(tm) system of enhancing what it already there! By:

1) Putting it back

Through everyday wear and tear, sometimes the loc gets loose or or breaks off. There can be a need to put a loc back in place when it is lost. Re attachments go through a settle-in process just as newly formed locs. Save a loc and schedule to have locs reattached.

2) Extending from the start

Some want to begin with there desired length. NOW there is a seamless, none glue, none sew, non knotting, none braid,  method that can allow you to, have your desired look from the very beginning. These enhancement go through a settle process just as new foundations. Proper home care is a much to maintain your look. All care techniques are given when choosing this option in starting your LOXX journey!

3) TO Extend

Adding length, color, and fullness to current style. LOXXed or Loose